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Cibo Vita is a CPG manufacturer located in Totowa, NJ, with a focus on high-quality, innovative, “better for you” snacks. Cibo Vita primarily operates under its flagship brand, Nature’s Garden, which has a national presence, while also serving as a private label supplier.

Nature’s Garden

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Private Label


Cibo Vita is on a mission to transform the snacking landscape with our mantra of “Snacking with Purpose.” As a branded snack manufacturer first, we specialize in pioneering, health-conscious options that build lasting connections with our customers.


Redefine and expand the realm of snacking by “Snacking with Purpose,” leveraging our industry-leading innovation, technology, and quality. Our proven innovation capabilities, driven by an exclusive, patented microencapsulation process, distinguish us in the industry, delivering snacks that not only taste wonderful but also contribute to your well-being.


Our SQF Level II & USDA Organic certified facilities which are located in Totowa, NJ enable us to produce unique assortments of organic, all-natural and kosher-certified CPG products that prioritize cutting-edge innovation and quality.