Cibo Vita is a CPG manufacturer located in Totowa, NJ, with a focus on high-quality, innovative, “better for you” snacks. Cibo Vita primarily operates under its flagship brand, Nature’s Garden, which has a national presence, while also serving as a private label supplier.


Cibo Vita is a CPG manufacturer located in Totowa, NJ, with a focus on high-quality, innovative, “better for you” snacks. Cibo Vita primarily operates under its flagship brand, Nature’s Garden, which has a national presence, while also serving as a private label supplier.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Cibo Vita is on a mission to transform the snacking landscape with our mantra of “Snacking with Purpose”. We are committed to producing a diverse range of organic, all natural and kosher certified products, catering to the aried preferences of consumers with an unwavering dedication to cutting-edge innovation and quality. As a branded snack manufacturer first, we specialize in crafting pioneering, health-conscious snacking options that foster enduring and sustainable connections with our customers.


Redefine and expand the realm of snacking by “Snacking with Purpose,” leveraging our industry-leading innovation, technology, and quality.

We have proven innovation capabilities that disrupt traditional product categories, setting us apart in the industry. Our differentiated capabilities are led by an exclusive, patented microencapsulation process that delivers true health benefits, ensuring that our snacks not only taste wonderful but also contribute to your well-being.


At Cibo Vita, people are our strength, safety is our priority, quality is our promise, and consumers are at the heart of everything we do.


The Cibo Vita family is what makes our company function successfully. We are only as strong as our people - each member of the team is integral and we work to make our vision a reality.


We refuse to compromise when it comes to safety. Ensuring the wellbeing of our employees is a task we do not take lightly, as such, safe operating environments and practices inform everything we do at Cibo Vita. We see ourselves as ambassadors of safety, holding ourselves accountable for the well-being of our employees, stakeholders, and consumers.


We are committed to the sustainability and fair treatment of our global farming partners. We are committed to delivering at the highest quality and satisfaction, but ultimately, we are committed to healthy eating, ensuring every ingredient meets the CiboVita standard.


Pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in a delightful and functional snacking experience is the direct result of our unwavering commitment to listen and deliver authenticity, innovation, and transparency. Consumers expect quality and quality is what defines us - in our ingredients, in our production, in our products, but most importantly quality in our consumer experience.
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Our SQF Level II & USDA Organic certified facilities which are located in Totowa, NJ enable us to produce unique assortments of CPG products without sacrificing our high quality standards. Our International Nut & Dried Fruit Council Membership ensures we monitor the international market trends closely and in turn generate the best and healthiest solutions for our customers. Our vision of providing smart snacking decisions for everyone in your family is ultimately underlined by our passion for natural & healthier foods. 

Why Innovate?

Innovation is the lifeblood of Cibo Vita- not merely a buzzword, but the driving force behind our relentless pursuit of healthier and more gratifying snacking experiences. Through our Nature’s Garden brand, we have pioneered new market segments by finding intersections between market insights, customer preferences and trend research. Our responsive approach to customer demands and swift turnaround times are proof of our commitment to staying ahead in this landscape and remaining at the forefront of innovation.

Join us on this journey towards a healthier, more exciting snacking future!

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Building Innovation into Strategy

Using technology and innovation, Cibo Vita creates  new market segments that require a science-focused R&D process. With market and consumer data, Cibo Vita cross-references trend research to disrupt stagnant current categories, while also creating entirely new whitespace categories.

Competitive Edge

With a commitment to technology and innovation, Cibo Vita remains at the forefront of the smart snacking movement. Our scientific research and investment into R&D provides us with a key competitive edge, creating products with health benefits our consumer can really feel. From microencapsulation to new technological systems, our commitment to innovation allows us to be strategically effective. 


 Our innovative approach to product development keeps us in sync with evolving consumer preferences. As people increasingly prioritize their health and look for unique, nutritious snack choices, our capacity to develop and modify products in response to these evolving tastes becomes essential. With the rising emphasis on health and wellness, our commitment to innovative technologies and processes that boost the nutritional value of our snack keeps us at the forefront of the health-conscious snacking movement.