Our History

For today’s health-conscious, mindful snackers, Nature’s Garden offers bountiful “Smart Snacks” that span generations, tastes and health goals, enabling you to do more in life. All backed by our unwavering commitment to quality, excellence and satisfaction.

Nature's Garden is an innovative and healthy snack food brand of Cibo Vita – focused on healthy and functional snack foods and driving healthy snacking trends.

We created Nature’s Garden because we believe good food and snacks lead to a life well lived. Gone are the days of mindless artificial snacks. Instead, we’re leading the “smart snacking” movement with mindful snacking done right – delivering the right nutrients at the right time and right place for whole body health and wellness. Our Nature’s Garden line of “Snacks with Purpose” and “Snacks for Life” help spark inspiration & fuel the mind, body and soul.


Meet Emre and Ahmet

Emre first moved to the United States to attend high school. It was here that he learned first-hand the unhealthy fare given to his fellow students – fast food, frozen, and just plain unhealthy. It became his dream to open a healthy “better for you” business and share the fruits, and nuts, of his Mediterranean culture and way of eating with the world.

In the late 90’s, Ahmet graduated from high school in Turkey and moved to the United States for university. While studying Computer Science, he started working in the food industry with a variety of retailers. It was here that he learned more about in-store behavior, managing supply chain and marketing trends like healthy snacking.

Cibo Vita Timeline
Meet Emre and Ahmet Cibo Vita


Best Buds

Fast forward to the early 2000s, Emre was working in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry while earning his master’s degree. This is where Emre met Ahmet, a recent graduate climbing the ranks in the food industry.
Cibo Vita Timeline
Best Buds Cibo Vita


Humble Beginnings

Together, they discovered their shared passion for a healthy snacking alternative, and just like that – Cibo Vita, which translates into food for life, became their vision and the name of their company. Working and running production out of Emre’s basement, their first product was “Heart Healthy Nuts” – selling to local supermarkets in the NYC Metro area.
Cibo Vita Timeline
Humble Beginnings Cibo Vita


Their First Product

Once their first product hit the market, they were off to the races – and the brand you know and love today first became a reality.

Cibo Vita Timeline
Their First Product Cibo Vita


Nature’s Garden Rises

Nature’s Garden became a household brand. With a growing consumer base that supported Emre and Ahmet’s vision of healthy eating, Cibo Vita became leaders of the smart snacking movement. As such, its facilities and workforce had to expand to meet the demand for Nature’s Garden Products.
Cibo Vita Timeline
Nature’s Garden Rises Cibo Vita


Moved to a New Facility

Cibo Vita moved to its current location in Totowa, New Jersey. With 300,000 square feet of office space, production, and distribution – the Cibo Vita family has grown to hundreds of employees that now share Emre and Ahmet’s dream.
Cibo Vita Timeline
Moved to a New Facility Cibo Vita


Expanding Horizons

With the growth of the team and resources, it’s only fitting that we continue to roll out new and exciting Nature’s garden products – all backed by our unwavering commitment to quality, excellence and satisfaction.

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And the best part Cibo Vita


Due to our year-on-year growth, Cibo Vita is expanding its presence across various confectionary categories through its Nature’s Garden brand. We are taking our patented microencapsulation technology to disrupt and innovate within entirely new product categories, creating offerings that are not only innovative but also ‘better for you.’

And the best part? We’re just getting started!

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